Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Major paper 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Major paper 1 - Essay Example I hope to gain more from the university and the American society in general. The essay examines my learning experience, not just in education, but also in other areas of culture. The paper, therefore, attempts to provide a comprehensive narrative of my experience as a Chinese student in America, forming a potential foundation for others in my position to adjust and gain maximum benefits from the American society. Before coming to America, I always had a dream to study abroad in the hope of pursuing high quality education. In addition, I hoped to experience other people’s cultures, while getting a global point of view of issues surrounding the modern society. My parents and peers encouraged the move, terming it as a path towards self-discovery and exploration of my career options. Given all these factors, my move to America was filled with high expectations, hopes to make friends immediately, and enjoying all the things that the new culture had to offer. Even though I was slightly nervous during my flight from Beijing, my excitement was more than any concerns. For this reason, I did not take possible challenges into consideration and as a result, I was not fully prepared for the American life. On arrival from China, I was welcomed quickly but warmly at the airport. It is here that I began observing the differences between China and America. For example, while back at home people take their time to show you around or at least give you directions to wherever you want to go, majority of Americans do not have the patience for that. I also came to realize that many people in America are highly suspicious of strangers and therefore, interact cautiously with them. I also noted that unlike in China, where taxi drivers keep to themselves, in America they tend to ask many questions. It was rather difficult to keep up with the basic conversation after arrival, since I only understood a few English words. In consideration of these observations, it would perhaps be

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